3 Months in Berlin

Past Project 2011

<<3 months in Berlin>> was an opportunity for a London-based visual arts or crafts practitioner at any stage of their career to live and make new work in one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting cities, providing a free live / work studio for 3 months, return air fare, a bursary and materials budget.

<<3 months in Berlin>> was organised in partnership with ACAVA. The selected artist is based in a building shared with 40 local artists who are members of the Milchhof art group. It comprises a studio space (398 sqft), basic living space with cooking facilities and a mezzanine platform sleeping area.  There is a shower and toilets across the corridor, which are shared with the other artists in the building. The live /work space is situated in Mitte, at the heart of the Berlin art scene.

The selected artist produces three articles about their experiences for Artquest to disseminate on our website. This could include updates on work produced, galleries visited, or a general overview of life in Berlin and could incorporate images and / or photographs.

September – December 2007

Visual artist Jacqueline Brown was awarded the first <<3 months in Berlin>> residency and lived and worked in the Milchhof studios in Berlin from September to December 2007.  During her time in Berlin, Jacqueline sent Artquest updates about her work and the art scene in Berlin for the benefit of other artists looking to live and work in Germany.

September – December 2008

Born in Dublin in 1970, Deignan has been living in London since 1998. Her video, digital and photographic works have been exhibited in various national and international exhibitions, screenings and festivals including: ‘New Work UK – Trust Yourself’, Whitechapel Gallery, London; ‘Europart – New Contemporary Art from Europe’, Vienna; ‘transmediale.08’, House of Cultures, Berlin; ‘Sunday Screening’, Milton Keynes Gallery, UK;  ‘Film Programme 1’, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; ‘Black Box Programme’ at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Visit Michelle’s website here.Michelle Deignan received the second residency and wrote three articles about her experiences of living and working as an artist in Berlin, as well as maintaining a blog about her exploits.

September – December 2009

Artist Samuel Dowd was selected for the 2009 <<3 Months in Berlin>> Residency. Samuel Dowd’s films, sculpture and collage are depictions of artists in the pursuit of the earthly paradise and ideal ways of living. Drawing on archive documents of historical cultural movements, forms, figures and ‘communities’, he constructs fictional spaces in 2 and 3 dimensions that gently unravel the language of ideal environments.

During Samuel’s time in Berlin he sent us regular articles on his experiences as an artist in the capital:

September – December 2010

Artist David Raymond Conroy was awarded the 2010 <<3 Months in Berlin>> residency. Conroy (b. 1978) completed his MA at the Royal College of Art, London in 2007. Recent exhibitions included They Do Things Differently There, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh; Ueli Alder, David Raymond Conroy, Lilly Mcelroy, Cecile Weibel, Dienstgebäude, Zurich; Late Night Radio, Tate Britain, London and solo shows at Schnittraum//Lutz Becker, Cologne; Atelier Espace Delrue, Nantes and Seventeen, London. Conroy lives and works in London.

David produced a series of 3 articles about his experiences living and working in Berlin which you can read below.

September – December 2011

David Littler has been awarded the residency and will be in Berlin from 19 September – 19 December 2011.

Littler is an artist, curator, and DJ currently based in London. He has had a life-long passion for print, textiles and music as vital forms of human expression and communication: examining how they connect us to each other and the wider natural world.

Littler is interested in interdisciplinary practice and the processes of making, particularly in relation to the cyclical and transcendental qualities of repetitive process. His work has often seen him create social spaces bringing to together practitioners from different disciplines to experiment, create and explore connections. Sampler-cultureclash, is an example of a collective which grew from this sensibility: an ongoing practice-led research project exploring the connections between textiles and sound and celebrating the art of sampling as a creative process.

David has been producing a blog about his project and his time in Berlin which you can read here.

March – May 2014

The <<3 Months in Berlin>> Residency was resurrected for 2014. The residency was awarded to Lucienne Cole.

Cole’s practice is rooted in popular culture, encompassing Performance, Video, Photography , Drawing/Painting and Collage. She also DJs, both in an Art Context and club-nights. During her time in Berlin she recorded a series of interviews with artists and curators she met while there and also produced a blog. The end of the residency was marked by BerlinBerlin: a public talk that included a conversation with novelist and writer Michael Bracewell.

Lucienne Cole interviews: