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A partnership to build insight about artists careers and working conditions

J. M. W. Turner, The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 16th October, 1834

In 2017 Artquest initiated Applied, a mechanism for selected organisations to gather co-ordinated information from artists they work with.

Drawing on our network of 100+ organisations, Applied invites artists to complete 20 optional questions after filling in online application forms. Results are:

  • Secure – stored on Artquest’s UK servers and separate from partner websites
  • Anonymous – no identifying information is collected (not even IP addresses) making the project fully compliant with UK and EU data protection laws
  • Optional – artists may elect to complete some or none of the questions. Completion of the form in no way influences or impacts their application

The project aims to better understand artists working conditions, motivations, and the barriers they face. It enables us to create better programmes and advocacy on their behalf. There is a lack of ongoing, reliable intelligence about artists so it can be hard to build a comprehensive, long-term picture of how and why they work. All the data is shared amongst the partners and can only be used on a non-commercial basis.

It also allows partners to benchmark their programmes across their peers, helping them improve application processes, make more relevant programmes, and uncover natural partnerships to reduce duplication and focus resources where they are needed most.

Finally, it enables artists to better understand the art worlds in which they operate, making better career choices where possible and ultimately supporting their practices.

Current partners, alongside Artquest, are:

  • Art Licks Weekend, an annual festival that celebrates the activity of artist-led and non-profit project spaces across London
  • DACS, an artist-founded not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organisation
  • Engage, the UK’s lead advocacy and training network for gallery education
  • Film London Artists Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), a network, commission, award, showcasing and online resources for artist moving image makers
  • New Contemporaries, an annual graduate touring exhibition showcase, mentoring programme, studio bursaries and residencies for emerging artists
  • Stuart Croft Foundation, making accessible the legacy and archive of artist-filmmaker Stuart Croft and providing grants for new moving-image productions, research, publications and exhibitions

If you work in an arts organisation anywhere in the UK and are interested in taking part, please contact Artquest to find out more.

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