Application form: artist-employers

This is the application form for the Assist pilot project for artist-employers looking a studio assistant. If you are an artist looking to work as an assistant, please complete the artist-assistant form instead.

The form must be completed at one time: it is not possible to save and return to it. You may choose to draft your answers and paste into the form when you are ready.

Please read the Assist FAQs and eligibility criteria before completing the form.

If you have any questions, email us before Tuesday 28 May: while we try to respond quickly, our team are part-time and may not be able to reply to queries at short notice.

Deadline: 10am Monday 3 June. Applications must be sent by this time – even if you have the form open on your browser, it will not send after the deadline. Late applications cannot be accepted.

  • Before you apply, confirm all of the following to ensure you are eligible for this project
  • Please describe your main area of artistic practice
  • If you have an artist website, please provide it here
  • Please describe the skills and experience you need in an assistant. We will use this section to match you to potential assistants: as applicants will have no direct experience of working as an assistant please consider all arts and non-arts skills and experience that would be useful. Use the next box to provide detail and any additional skills not on this list.
    Working in an artists studio as part of their own practice
    Technical skills: wood
    Technical skills: metal
    Technical skills: paint
    Technical skills: film/digital moving image production
    Technical skills: exhibition installation
    Technical skills: social engagement
    Computer skills: image manipulation/editing
    Computer skills: moving image/animation
    Computer skills: sound
    Computer skills: database management
    Office administration and diary management
    Communications and social networks
    Working in a front line, client-focused position
    Experience of working on own initiative whilst also under direction
    Experience of working collaboratively as part of a team, giving support where necessary
    Experience of health and safety duties and responsibilities appropriate to an artists studio
  • Use this space to tell us more about the skills and experience that you particularly need
  • Assist intends to support artists at a transformative stage in their career, such as receiving a major commission, a first solo exhibition at a publicly-funded gallery, or another large-scale project outside their previous experience

    Please also use this space to explain if you are not able to contribute to any of the assistant fee
  • To help us match you to assistants please give an overview of what an average day in your studio would look like - what time you get to work, how many days a week, the kinds of tasks you need assistance with, the kind of studio or workspace you have, and any other useful information
  • To try to find assistants near you, please enter the first part of your postcode (e.g. NW5 or SE17)
  • Use these boxes to tell us when you will always require your assistant to work. We will use this section to exclude matches with assistants who are unable to work on these days due to other work commitments or caring responsibilities.
    Work always required on this day
  • For monitoring purposes only - professional artists who do not have a degree are eligible and encouraged to apply
  • Please upload your CV (under 2MB) - read our tips for making an artist CV (opens in a new page)
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • If a majority of applicants can't make this date, we can move it, but this will extend the period of time before appointments can be made.
  • Some of the information that you have provided in this application will be kept for a short period for evaluation purposes, or shared with artist employers. Please check all boxes to give your consent.