AWP Internship Application Form and Guidelines

Application for the AWP Internships scheme is via a simple online form.

The deadline for applications has been extended to 10am on Monday 22nd July 2019 when the form will automatically go offline. Please ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to upload your material as late applications will not be accepted. You do not have to wait for the deadline to apply. You can submit your application any time before the deadline.

Please note, it is only possible to apply for one internship post. You should ensure that your application is tailored specifically for the role/organisation you are applying for.

It is not possible for you to save and return to the form so we recommend that you prepare all of the necessary material before hand and paste it/upload it when you feel it’s ready.

If you have any questions about the application procedure please contact Tom Pope. To ensure any queries are addressed in time for the application deadline we recommend you email us with any questions no later than 4pm Wednesday 17th July 2019. 

To complete the application you will need to provide an covering letter / application statement in which you should

  • Explain why you want to do the specific internship you’re applying for
  • Explain what attracts you about the organisation offering this project
  • Show how you can benefit the organisation, as well as how the internship will benefit your specific future career aims
  • Explain how your past work experience relates to the tasks outlined in the project on offer
  • Show your interest and commitment to the organisation you are applying to and its project
  • Useful practical details like your available week days for work and for interview
  • Please note you do not need to include postal address information in your covering letter text

For general advice on writing covering letters read the article on UAL Careers and Employability website.

You will also need to upload a CV  of max 2 sides A4. (Though since you’re a new graduate, your CV might be shorter than this).

A CV should include:

  • Education
  • Past relevant work experience
  • Professional memberships
  • Projects relevant to the opportunity on offer
  • Website and contact details

You do not need to include:

  • Images of your work
  • Artists statements about your work
  • General outside interests

For more information on writing employment CVs visit the UAL Careers and Employability website

Please refer to the eligibility criteria for this opportunity, and please note that we cannot consider applications from ineligible candidates.


Application form for the AWP Internships Scheme. Please note that you may only apply to ONE internship. Please also note that you must fulfil ALL of the eligibility criteria for your application to be considered.
  • Please indicate that you meet ALL of the eligibility criteria below. If you do not meet all of the below criteria you are not eligible for the AWP Internship scheme and you should NOT proceed with an application.
  • Please give the job titles of your parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • Please select which UAL college you are studying at.
  • Please state the full name of the course you are studying. Please note that this opportunity is for those graduating from BA level courses ONLY (MA and other courses are NOT eligible)
  • Please provide your student ID (e.g. ABC012345678)
  • Please select the internship post you are applying for. You cannot apply to more than one internship.
  • Please type your covering letter/statement here. Remember to make sure your covering letter is tailored to the organisation you have selected from the previous question above. It is NOT necessary to include your postal address or the address of the organisation you're applying to here.
  • Please upload your CV
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • Some of the information that you have provided in this application will be kept or shared. Please check ALL of the boxes below to give your consent.