BNC Mentors

Current project 2016

Artquest works with New Contemporaries to run a public programme of events to support artists in establishing their own peer mentoring groups, with an accompanying programme providing one to one advice sessions to their exhibitors.

Peer Mentoring for Artists

As part of our commitment to support artists in keeping their careers going, New Contemporaries and Artquest ran a mentoring workshops for artists at the ICA in January 2017 during the New Contemporaries exhibition.

Peer mentoring is an essential aspect of an artist’s working life. Peer groups provide not only critical feedback necessary to develop work, but also the practical day to day support and encouragement that is the lifeblood of a sustainable practice.

This talk and practical session led by artist Chloe Cooper

  • Covered some of the potential benefits of being part of a peer mentoring collective.
  • Considered different approaches to establishing a group.
  • Suggested models and techniques for providing constructive feedback on each-others practice.
  • Looked at the practical considerations in setting up and running a peer mentoring group and initiate the first steps with session attendees.

Participants were asked to bring an easily portable digital image/photo/recording on a mobile or similar of a recent piece they might like to discuss. (Participants were asked not bring actual work as there were no display/exhibition equipment at the venue)

Chloe Cooper uses performative tours, lectures and instructional videos to propose something quite improbable to be worked through together. Often combined with Chloe’s participation in critical forms of art education in museums, galleries and schools, these performances look for alternatives to existing ideas, forms and knowledge. Chloe has been part of a live art peer support group since 2008, co-led peer mentoring projects in 2009 and 2010 in association with Live Art Development Agency, Camden Arts Centre and Zabludowicz Collection and is currently leading practice sharing alongside the Learning team at Tate.

As part of the New Contemporaries public programme Artquest has run peer mentoring sessions annually with artist Chloe Cooper held in venues that hosted the New Contemporaries exhibition including the ICA (London), BackLit (Nottingham) and the World Museum (Liverpool).