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Weston Culture Fund

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded, charitable grant-making foundation, which supports a wide range of causes across the UK, donating over £80 million annually. Their Weston Culture Fund is a £25m fund to support organisations in the arts following the impact of COVID19. Find out more and apply here:

The Artquest homepage

This week the Artquest home page will revert back to it's original, pre-lockdown state. Information on COVID-19 / coronavirus-specific opportunities and guidance will remain on this page, which will become a Project page on the main Artquest site. You will still be able to access this page directly via any page on Artquest.
National Lottery Project Grants is returning

Arts Council England Project Grants

After a brief closure of the fund in the immediate aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, National Lottery Project Grants will be back on 22 July 2020. The fund will be more responsive to the needs of smaller independent organisations and individual practitioners during Covid-19 and will prioritise reopening this programme to help fund independent organisations, creative practitioners and freelancers as quickly as possible. Updated guidance available by mid-July - sign up to their email newsletter to receive further information.

The Importance of Participatory Arts – An Open Letter

A letter prepared by ArtsChain to advocate for the important role of the participatory arts movement for the arts in the UK in the next ten years. It has been written to captures the views of smaller organisations and individuals working in this area as freelancers or micro-businesses. Sign online if you support these proposals.
Space for Learning: freelancer needs

Space for Learning: freelancer needs

The Clore Duffield Foundation, Group for Education in Museums (GEM), Engage and the Theatre Education Forum (TEF) are working together to draw up guidance on how Learning spaces in museums, galleries, heritage and performing arts sites can manage the risk of transmission when reopening to the public. They want to hear from freelancers and staff who deliver learning services about your current concerns, needs, and new skills you need to develop. Survey contains 12 questions and is intended to take five to 10 minutes to complete.
Reopening advice

Reopening advice for venues

Numerous organisations and UK Government bodies are publishing information and guidance on safe reopening during this phase of the Covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic, from 4 July 2020 (at the time of writing). Although permitted, many venues are anecdotally reporting a delay in reopening due to a lack of resources to make their buildings safe. Resources have been published by the UK Government, Eventbrite, and Arts Council England.