Eligibilty Criteria and frequently asked questions: Exchange Salon


To participate in an Exchange Salon you must:

  • Be a visual artist, working in any medium (relevant to the Exchange Salon’s focus), at any stage in your career
  • NOT currently be enrolled in any course of study
  • Have access to a laptop with audio and video capacity, and a connection to the internet
  • If sharing work you must be part of the Exchange community and have some experience of peer mentoring or crits.


What do you mean by visual artist working in any medium?

Artists working in painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, photography, video/film/moving image, installation, text, craft/maker, sound art, comics, book art, new media/online, socially engaged practice, printmaking, interdisciplinary or any combination of the above. Our definitions, set by our funding agreements, do not include dance, theatre, graphic, fashion and product design.

Remember that Exchange Salons are focused around medium or working approach, so will be more appropriate for some forms of practices than others.

Who will be attending the Salons?

We anticipate there will be a core group of between 6 – 12 artists who regularly attended all the salons. In addition to this there will be those who attend salons on an ad-hoc basis. Artists from anywhere in the UK or the world can attend, but approximately half of the places will be reserved for artists based in London.

How many people will attend a session?

This is a new project so we’re not sure of total numbers but we anticipate between 12 – 30 attendees at each session.

How many artists will present per session?

Two artists will present work at each session.

How long will I have to present and for feedback?

Presenting artists will have up to 10 minutes to introduce their work and up to 20 minutes for feedback from other attendees.

How do you decide who presents work at each session?

Presentation slots are allocated on a first come first served basis among artists who are eligible to present.

What other presentations happen at the sessions?

As well as attendees presenting and feeding back on their work, there are two other presentations that take place.

  • A guest artist-led talk on strategies for peer mentoring and other forms of collective support.
  • A specialist speaker (curator, gallerist or other art world professional) on medium-specific or thematically focussed topic.

Will guest speakers give feedback to presenting artists?


Who can present work for feedback at a Salon?

Only artists who have joined Exchange AND have experience of peer mentoring with Artquest (or another artist-led peer mentoring initiative) can present work for feedback at a Salon.

To present work for feedback at a salon you need to have participated in any one of the below

  • Z-Crits
  • Peer Forum
  • A public peer mentoring workshop that has taken place as part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries programme.
  • One other Salon meeting
  • Another artist-led peer mentoring programme

For a list of artist crit/peer mentoring programmes visit our Art Directory

Can I present at more than one Salon session?

No. To give as many people as possible the chance to show work you will only be able to present work for feedback once at an Artquest facilitated session. We do encourage and support Salon attendees to organise their own meetings outside of these. These will give you the opportunity to get feedback on the progress of your work more than once.

What is Exchange, and how do I become a member?

Exchange is an online community, built on your real and online social networks, to help you find collaborators, extend your professional network. Joining Exchange is free and simple. You can join here.

How do you decide who takes part in an Artquest Exchange Salon?

Any artist can attend the Artquest Exchange Salon, though you need to be a member of Exchange and have experience of peer mentoring to present work for feedback. Priority will be given to artists who are able to attend all three sessions and half of the places will be allocated to artists based in London.

Do I have to attend all of the Salons?

Artquest exchange Salons are intended to foster ongoing relationships between artists, so we hope that artists who present work will then also attend sessions where they feedback to peers. Ideally there will be a core group of between 6 – 12 artists who attend all three sessions. Priority will be given to artists who are able to attend all three facilitated sessions.

Can I book onto all of the Salon sessions in one go?

Yes, but please only book if you are able to commit to coming.

What if I book onto a session and am then no longer able to make it?

If you can no longer attend a session, please email Nick Kaplony to let him know as soon as possible.

Do I have to attend or organise sessions outside of the ones organised by Artquest?

While it’s not compulsory to organise and attend sessions outside of those facilitated by Artquest, to get the most out of the programme we encourage participating artists to collaborate in running their own peer mentoring sessions outside of the three Salon meetings organised by Artquest.  Salon participants organising independent sessions will be eligible for additional funding from a redeveloped Peer Forum programme (to be announced December 2022).  Read resources on running peer mentoring groups here.

How can Artquest support me in running my own sessions?

If you are participating in the Artquest Exchange Salon programme we can support you in running your own sessions by

I am already participating in peer mentoring activity, can I still take part in the Artquest Exchange Salon?


I don’t feel ready to present work but would like to attend a session. Is this ok?


Is it possible to attend both the Painting Salon and the Activism and Social Change Salon?

No, you must choose one or the other.

I’m unable to register my interest online, is there another way of applying to take part?

Yes, email Nick Kaplony as soon as possible to arrange alternatives.

I still have questions

If your questions aren’t answered by these FAQs email Nick Kaplony Please note our team is part-time so responses may take a few days.