Make Art Pay

Past Project 2012

Interviews with three makers about the funding and finance options open to them at different stages in their practice.

Artist Katharine Morling, designer silversmith Shona Marsh and potter Billy Lloyd are at different stages in their career and in 2012 had been practicing respectively for nine, seven and four years. They discuss in detail different types of funding they have received, how (not) to approach galleries, how they have gained commissions and awards and how do they promote and sell work.

This series has been produced in collaboration with Cockpit Arts, and all artists are based at Cockpit Arts studios in Deptford.

Katharine-small Make Art Pay Episode 1: Katharine Morling – 9 years
shona-sm Make Art Pay Episode 2: Shona Marsh – 7 years 
Billy-sm Make Art Pay Episode 3: Billy Lloyd – 4 years