OSE Reader

Past Project 2014

A series of workshops and events to create a ‘reader’ for alternative MA / art school programmes run by artists

A partnership with Open School East and AND Publishing, Artquest supported a series of 3 workshops, where OSE Associates worked with AND publishing to develop a reader that reflected on their time at Open School East and the models of learning experienced there.

Download the OSE Reader (3.8MB, PDF)

Devised in 2009, AND Publishing is a platform exploring print on demand technologies to publish conceptually driven artists’ books.

Located in a former library and community centre in De Beauvoir Town, East London, Open School East is a unique space that brings together a free study programme for emerging artists and public projects and events which introduce artists, local residents and audiences from further afield.

Open School East was founded in 2013 in response to spiralling tuition fees and student debt, and a climate of increasing bureaucracy in arts education. It was instituted as a space for artistic learning that is experimental, versatile and highly collaborative.


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