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Artquest staff work a day a month at artist studios to give advice, receive feedback and keep in touch with what artists need.

Artquest’s programme staff and artists spend one day a month working in studio spaces around London to find out more about the kind of things you’d like us to do and answer your questions.

Take a break for a cup of tea, complete with awful joke; find out how Artquest can help you; and help inform our future programme. This is your chance to get practical advice on your career, critical feedback on your work, and to find out more about other services and organisations that can help.

If you are an artist or studio manager in an artist’s studio complex in London and would like us to come and spend a day working at your space, please get in touch. We only ask our hosts to provide:

  • A desk and two chairs with access to a power socket and internet
  • Information / advertising to your artists when we will be visiting.


Up and coming visits:

Previous visits include: