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Peer Forum, Artquest’s annual Peer Mentoring programme aims to assist artists by providing them with the funding, space and resources necessary to establish their own peer mentoring groups. Artquest are working in partnership with a number of London’s respected art spaces to host these groups giving participants the opportunity to build relationships with their host organisation. Applications for 2019 Peer Forum groups will open from March 2019 onwards.

Artquest is funding 4 artists peer mentoring groups to meet regular over a 6 month period at various host/partner organisations. Applications for the 2019 Peer Forum programme will open from March onwards.

Selected artists/groups will receive:

  • An all-inclusive award of £1,800 to run 6 peer mentoring sessions over a 6 month period with a regular group of 10-12 other artists (Please note, some host organisations provide additional support. See specific organisational call details as they are announced.)
  • A space provided by one of Artquest’s project partners for the peer mentoring sessions to take place (and in some cases basic refreshments and presentation equipment).

Artists awarded this opportunity  coordinate all aspects of the peer mentoring sessions, liasing with host organisations and participating artists to arrange a mutually agreeable time for peer mentoring sessions to take place

Current groups

Artquest is currently supporting artists peer mentoring groups at the following organisations.

Read our guide to peer mentoring groups and accompanying downloadable PDF to assist with  the  running of your own peer mentoring sessions. For a case study of an Artquest supported Peer Mentoring group listen to this audio from Will Clifford that took place as part of the Self Assembly series of talks, or this interview with photographer Lewis Bush who was awarded the PEER FORUM grant at The Photographers’ Gallery in 2016. If you have any questions regarding the programme as a whole please email Nick Kaplony.

Past PEER FORUM groups

In previous years the following artists were supported at the organisations below.