Eligibility Criteria and FAQs – PEER FORUM 2017

Current project 2017


To be eligible to apply for this opportunity you must be:

  • A London based artist
  • Not currently undertaking a course of study at University or similar (This including Foundation, BA and MA level courses)
  • Over half of the proposed members of your peer mentoring group must also be London based (All must be UK based)

Email Nick Kaplony if you have any queries about your eligibility.


Q: Who should the application for PEER FORUM come from?

A: The application should come from one “lead artist” who will be taking on responsibility for coordinating the group.

Q: When do the peer mentoring sessions need to take place?

A: All of the sessions need to take place within 6 months of starting the sessions. We suggest that they should take place on an approximately monthly basis to be negotiated with the artists in the group and the host organisation.

Q: How concrete/confirmed do my list of participating artists need to be when I make my application

A: We anticipate that you’ll have had an initial tentative conversation with the majority of the artists that you name on your application to scope out their interest in case your application was successful. We would imagine this list would be firmed up  further should you be invited to interview.

Q: Do there need to be any public facing outcomes from the peer mentoring groups?

A: The primary aim of the six peer mentoring sessions is provide the invited group of artists a space to discuss/feedback on their projects and practice. There may be outcomes such as online blogs, websites etc that it might be appropriate to share with the public. The peer mentoring sessions themselves are not intended to be public events. Some host organisations stipulate that involved artists should coordinate and participate in an additional public facing event at the end of the 6 month period. A small additional budget will be provided by the host organisation if this is the case.

Q: What is acceptable to budget for?

A: We anticipate a significant amount of the £1,800 budget will be spent on the lead artists fee for coordinating and administrating the sessions.

The follow items are other examples of acceptable expenditure (Please note this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Refreshments
  • Equipment hire
  • Guest speakers fee

Q: What do you mean by “London based” And why is this important?

A: London based means you should be living or working at least half of the week in one of the London Boroughs. This predominantly London focus is a stipulation of our funding so that duplication of support and services for artists provided by other regionally focused organisations is avoided.

If you have further questions please make sure you read our section on peer mentoring and particularly our peer mentoring guidelines for artists. These documents will help you make your application and address many of the questions you may have about how you might structure a peer mentoring group. If you still have questions after reading these, email Nick Kaplony.