Peer Forum

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Peer Forum is an annual programme to help artists establish their own peer mentoring groups. Groups are hosted by galleries in London.

Peer Forum has been postponed during 2020 in light of social distancing requirements. If you’re interested in online group crits, see our Z-Crits project.

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Peer groups provide not only critical feedback necessary to develop work, but also the practical day to day support and encouragement that builds a sustainable practice. Through the Peer Forum programme, Artquest creates space for artists to instigate dialogue, develop ideas and research together, whilst brokering institutional support from our project partners: Camden Arts Centre, the Horniman Museum, and the Photographer’s Gallery.

Selected Peer Forum lead artists, who administer the groups, receive:

  • An award of £1,800 to run 6 peer mentoring sessions over a 6 month period with a regular group of 10-12 other artists.
  • A space and some limited resources provided gallery partners.

For more information about the programme you can read the application guidance and frequently asked questions .

2019 Peer Forum groups

The Photographers’ Gallery

The Peer Forum award at The Photographers’ Gallery in 2019 was awarded to Daniel Regan who will be working with artists Antonia AttwoodRoelof BakkerZara CarpenterDiogo Duarte, Grace Jackson, Celine MarchbankRikard ÖsterlundMarie SmithPaloma Tendero and Naomi Woddis.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Peer Forum award at The Horniman Museum and Gardens in 2019 was awarded to Borbála Soós who will be working with Angela Chan, Olga Koroleva, Sonia Levy, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Anna Mikkola, Gerard Ortín Castellví, Gerard Ortín Castellví, Laura Plant, Sara Rodrigues, and Hanna Rullmann.

Camden Arts Centre

The Peer Forum award at Camden Arts Centre  in 2019 was awarded to Lea Collet who will be working with Miriam Austin, Naz Balkaya, Harry Bix, Guendalina Cerruti, Rosa Doornenbal , Roxman Gatt’, Maria Gorodeckaya, Zaiba Jabbar, Natalia Januła, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Eleni Papazoglou , Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Anna Souter, Kandace Siobhan Walker.

Previously supported Peer Forum groups

Peer Forum ran at Cubitt (2016-18), Peckham Platform (2016-17) and the Foundling Museum (2018), supported over 60 artists in receiving feedback on their practices and careers, with a special group made up of research residency recipients at The Foundling Museum.


The 2018 Peer Forum at Cubitt was awarded to lead artists Cleo Broda and JMC Hayes, Sinéid Codd, Soa J. Hwang, Anne Krinsky ,Eva Lis, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Katia Potapova , Kristina Pulejkova, Cecilia Sjoholm, Alexis Zelda Stevens and Pandora Vaughan.

The 2017 Peer Forum was awarded to lead artist Rose Gibbs who worked with Clare Bottomley, Clare Bottomley, Kim Dhillon, Andrea Francke, Ross Jardine, Susan Kelly, Helen Knowles, Sara Paiola, Sophia Marinkov Jones, Stephanie Wehowski, Hermione Wiltshire and Paulina Yurman in the group ‘Labours of Love’. Looking back to art history the group considered works exploring affective labour, the maternal and how the use of the body, the domestic, and the intimate – vital aspects of affective labour – are spoken about within art discourse. They explored the taboos around these subjects, and the strategies artist have use to exploit or explore those taboos.

The 2016 Peer Forum group consisted of: Larry Achiampong, Beverley Bennett, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom, Evan Ifekoya, Shepherd Manyika, Jade Montserrat, Ima-Abasi Okon and Nicola Thomas

Peckham Platform

The 2018 Peer Forum award at Peckham Platform was awarded to Alicja Rogalska, working with Rosalie Schweiker, Daniel Dressel, They Are Here, Vlad Morariu, Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis, Kathrin Böhm, Joon Lynn Goh, Kasia Sobucka, Sahra Hersi, Jasleen Kaur

The 2016 Peer Forum group was led by Eelyn Lee (Lead Artist), Simon Terrill, Annette Mees, Hannah Nicklin, Harold Offeh, Isa Suarez, R.M. Sánchez-Camus, Close and Remote, Tanya Singh and Janette Parris, who later went on to found the Social Art Network as a result of this seed funded group. You can read about the activities of this Peer Forum group and the beginning of the Social Art Network on their blog.

The Foundling Museum

To mark the end of The Foundling Residency in 2015, Artquest funded a year of peer mentoring for programme alumni and an expanded network of artists with research based practices made up of:

  • Pavilion (Sophie Yetton & Gabriel Birch, 2015 residency recipients)
  • Tom Railton (2014 residency recipient)
  • working with artist Fritha Jenkins and an invited group of curators and artists

This group worked on a series of gallery tours, field trips and peer mentoring sessions at the Foundling Museum throughout 2018.