PEER FORUM at The Photographers’ Gallery

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PEER FORUM has been hosted by The Photographers’ Gallery for three years. You can read about the selected groups who have participated in the peer mentoring programme below. Selection is currently underway for the peer group that will receive the 2019 award.


In 2018  the Peer Forum award at The Photographers’ Gallery was awarded to Rowan Lear who worked with Victoria Louise Doyle, Luci Eldridge, Victoria Fornieles, Dawn M Gaietto, Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Oliver Griffin, Freddy Griffiths, James Hankey, Melanie King, Dafna Talmor , Catherine M Weir Oliver Raymond-Barker under the group name of Planetary Processing. You can keep updated on the groups ongoing activity by visiting their website.

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In 2017 The Photographers’ Gallery hosted a peer mentoring group established by Thom Bridge who worked with artists Andrew Bruce  , Emma Ingeborg Bäcklund, Philipp Dorl ,Kim Jakobsen To, Maria Kapajeva , Laura Hensser, Julie Hill , Helen McGhie, Ryan L. Moule, Anja Olofgörs, Martin Seeds and Monica Takvam. The group is continuing working together under the name Field/s

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The PEER FORUM 2016 Group selected for The Photographers’ Gallery consisted of: Lewis Bush (Lead artist), Alma Haser, Tim Mitchell, Tina Remiz, Max Colson, Jocelyn Allen, Clare Hewitt, Christopher Bethell, Andrew Youngson and Marcia Chandra.

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You can listen to Lewis Bush in conversation with Artquest about his experiences of the PEER FORUM programme below.


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