Peer Forum at Camden Arts Centre

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Information about past and current Peer Forum groups at Camden Arts Centre, one of Artquest’s programme partners.

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The 2019 Peer Forum was awarded to artist Lea Collet who will be working with Miriam Austin, Naz Balkaya, Harry Bix, Guendalina Cerruti, Rosa Doornenbal , Roxman Gatt, Maria Gorodeckaya, Zaiba Jabbar, Natalia Januła, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Eleni Papazoglou , Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Anna Souter, Kandace Siobhan Walker .

The group will explore the importance of collective affection and how artists can organize, communicate, present themselves and work towards social change by sharing a more personal and intimate voice through their work. Each practitioner explores ideas of communities, ecology and agency, mutated through the spectrum of digital culture and corporate business models. Together they will be looking at forging new forms of connection from both behind and beyond the screen.

Miriam Austin is an artist based in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture in 2012 and is currently studying towards a PhD in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford (Studentship funded by the AHRC). Recent solo exhibitions include: Gimmel, Bosse and Baum, London (2018); Artist of the Day, Flowers Gallery, London (2018); Andraste, Alma Zevi, Venice, (2018). Recent group exhibitions include: Future Primitive, Gossamer Fog, London (2019), The Domestic Landscape, Jupiter Woods, London (2019), On the Heights, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, (2017); Lexis Over Land, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall, (2017); Domusdei (performance for Art Night), ICA, London (2016); We All Have a Problem with Representation (screening), The Showroom, London (2016).

Naz Balkaya is a Turkish artist-curator based in London, a graduate from MFA Curating at Goldsmiths University. Her projects generally promote collaboration, solidarity and safe networking, representing the millennial conditions and supporting the emerging cultural producers. Currently, Balkaya works as an assistant curator for Performistanbul and represent them within the UK. She curated the following exhibitions; ‘’Razzmatazz Vol 1,2,3,4,5’’ London, (2015/ 2018); ‘’In-Flux Presents Episode 1. No Worries’’ (2018) Enclave Lab, Live Art Development Agency London; ‘’The One That Wasn’t Invited’’ (November,2019) SB34 The Pool, Brussels. Artistically, Balkaya works through her artistic and curatorial collective, Panicattack Duo, which she established with Cypriot artist Emilia Demetriou in 2014. Panicattack mostly work with performance, video and photography, but also curates a series of performance exhibitions. Duo got an award from Chelsea Art Trust in March 2019 and participated tofollowing exhibitions ’Bloomberg New Contemporaries’’ Liverpool Biennial – SLG, (December 2018 – February 2019), ‘’SHE HEARS: CIRCLE A STORY PARTY’’, Tate Modern, London, (May 2019). Balkaya independently was part of shows such as ’’Disorders Vol.3’’,London (November 2019), ‘’Unselect : Unknown’’ Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin, (July 2019), ‘’The Change Room Presents: Naz Balkaya’’ The Change Room, London, (May 2019).

Harry Bix is the founder and producer of his art practice East Anglia Records and is a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at University of Greenwich. He is the recipient of the Derek Jarman Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art (2014) and the Betty Mclean Award presented by Bruce Mclean (2016).

Lea Collet is a French artist based in London. Her work vacillates between collaboration, performance, installations, video and fiction. She stares into plant contact and communication, digital connectivity, group relationship and technology as a potential for allowing people to escape the limits of their material bodies. Lea trained at Camberwell College of Arts, London at BA level followed by an MA at Slade School of Fine Art, London. She sometime works collaboratively with Marios Stamatis negotiating the fluid nature of personal relationship applied through the technologies that are channelling today’s emotions. Recent projects include StartPoint Prize 2018, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (2019); Most Dismal Swamp, cur. Dane Sunderland, Arebyte, London (2019); SLOW FADE, Gossamer Fog, London (2018) – Scenarios of the Pool, Peckham Experiment, London; Accidental Encounters, Grace, Athens (2018).

Guendalina Cerruti is a London-based visual artist born in 1992 in Milan. Through her installations Guendalina create domestic-related micro-universes dense of sentiment, sarcasm, cynicism and psycological depth, where decorative and subjective collapse merging in new system of visual communication between reality, representation and immagination. In Guendalina’s work objects, images and text exploring the personal and the popular, are carefully organised into arrangement whose complexity is often derived from the use of repetition, symbolism and scale.

In sculptures, videos and performances Rosa Doornenbal explores how commercialisation of ways of caring for the human body changes experiences of physicality, intimacy, and sexuality. She is interested in how objects for care and support can shape and control subjectivity and gender norms. Rosa Doornenbal (b. Amsterdam) currently lives and works in London and Amsterdam. She graduated from Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art in 2018 and BA Fine Arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2013. In 2019 she had a solo exhibition at Marwan, Amsterdam and received a stipendium for emerging artists from Mondriaan Fund. Recent group shows include: Sweat, De School, Amsterdam. What do we do now, now that we are happy? Chalton Gallery, 2019, We Surrounded them and routed their fighters in short orders, performance evening, Deptford X, London, 2018.

Roxman Gatt’s multidisciplinary work encompasses, text, painting, 3D, video, sound, photography, sculpture, installation and performance. Roxman’s research explores sexuality, identity, gender and consumption. Most recently the artist has been working with themes of humanising and interacting with consumer objects. Making the inanimate iconic and fetishised. Mundane aesthetics and the internet become both a tool and a trigger to produce work. Roxman Gatt (b. 1989, Mosta, Malta), lives and works in London. Recent Exhibitionsinclude: But Love left no Room for Hydration, UltraStudio, LA, (2019), 3hd: Fluid Wor(l)ds, Berlin, DE, (2019), Absinthe §3, Spit and Sawdust, London, UK, (2019), Suspended Power, Arcade East, London, UK, (2019), Up is a Relative Concept, Fold, London, UK, (2019), 4U, Haus N, Athens, GR, (2019), Perfiction, Harlesden Highstreet, London, UK, (2018) Drawings, 650mAh,Brighton, UK, (2018), Visions, Programme 3 | Bedwyr Williams, Nunnery Gallery, London, UK, (2018), Here and Now, Valletta Contemporary, Valletta, MT (2018), An Incomplete inventory in 19 Chapters, Malta Pavillion, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT (2017), The Sacred 419, The Square Gallery, London, UK, (2016), Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA,London and Bluecoat Liverpool (2016). Roxman was awarded the Chris Garnham Prize 2015) as well as the Magnum Showcase Online Photography Award (2013)

Maria Gorodeckaya is a London-based Russian artist .Her work sits at the crossroads of writing, performance and sculpture as an investigation into the power dynamics within which identities are determined through both affective and affected bodies. Maria graduated from the MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London (Sept 2013 – Sept 2015) and the BA Photography, Camberwell College of Arts, London (Sept 2009 – Sept 2012) Recent Solo shows includes Maria Gorodeckaya: SE15. Jupiter Wood, London, UK, 2019; Room. Almanac, Turin, Italy 2018; You forgot numbers in my notes Travelled seas through my veins through my spine Run through my blood At the pace of a good runner. Almanac, London, UK, 2016. Selected group exhibitions A guiding dog for a blind dog. Futura, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018; Dance, Dance, Dance. Bursa Gallery, Kiev International Biennial, 2017.

Zaiba Jabbar is a moving image artist, award-winning director, independent curator and founder of Hervisions. With nearly a decade of experience of working in the creative, music and media her curatorial practice is an investigation into how people on the margins are using technology to create art outside of traditional formats, mixing high and low culture and making space for themselves through the experience of expanded moving image. Jabbar was curator in residence at LUX (2018) and is a board member of Abandon Normal Devices. Hervisions is a multidisciplinary agency supporting and promoting new media art made by non-binary, POC, LGBTQI+ and female identifying artists. Facilitating online and offline experiences and collaborations with partners to research and produce innovative commissions, exhibitions and events with a strong focus on the intersection of art, technology and culture. Since launching in October 2016, with a visual podcast in collaboration with Specta at The Standard in LA. Original commissions include new work for i-D’s Fifth Sense x Chanel platform (2017), Standard Vision (2018) and MIRA (2018) and has since held exhibitions and events in London at LUX at Honey I’m Data (2018), Face-up Tate Modern (2019) and Tate Britain (2019), BFI, First Date at LN-CC (2019), Suspended Power at Arcade East (2019), and Fast Line at Art Night and google arts and culture (2019). @hervisions

Natalia Januła is an artist and archivist based in London and Warsaw. She studied linguistics and Photographic Arts at Westminster University followed by Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Arts. Her practice consists of mixed media assemblages, sculpture, video, photography, speculative wearables, CGI and performative elements. Her works explores the female body, the natural world and material phenomenology. It equivocates between the organic and synthetic, often simulating entities whose physiologies include both technological and biological components. Crossing the boundaries of the intimate and alien, her work can be at once comforting and unnerving, desirable yet repulsive. A perturbing humour twists and winds pervasively throughout. In recent work, Januła has been studying the Japanese art of Ikebana as a means of exploring an imagined ‘physiological landscape’, which has permeated both her sculptural and moving image work. Another on-going concern is Januła’s study of altered states through the practice of floatation, which continues to augment and inform her practice (Wet Rest: speculative ontologies of floatation led by Lucy A. Sames, Goldsmiths). Januła’s work has been shown by Gossamer Fog, Chalton gallery, Union gallery and Absinthe (Collective Ending) amongst others.

Lou-Atessa Marcellin is an artist whose practice has developed to adopt a curatorial mode of production in the form of a research platform called Diaspore, investigating ecological frameworks which interconnect social and environmental spheres. Using ecology and researching non-human organisational systems, such as the faune and flora, allows her to draw parallels between structures that are present in nature such as theself reliance of the forest and how such ideas can be implemented within contemporary culture. Recent projects include, NEWS Spring School and Forest Rangers at Jupiter Woods, Mezze Pizza on RTM radio for Art Licks Weekend and Sympoiesis at Tender Books.

Eleni Papazoglou is a designer experimenting with performance, printed matter and moving image. She studies the areas sport, work and play to observe systematised collective experience which she then subverts through group re-enactments, walks, and instruction-led exercises. Currently her practice is collaborative. Recently, Eleni has been working with the community interest company F.A.T. Studio to programme a series of public events, launched a project space On Wheels with artist Rosalind Wilson, and is involved in Cultural Field, an investigative project aiming to increase femxle footballers’ access to pitches through collective ownership. She also teaches at the London College of Communication.

Dylan Spencer-Davidson is an artist based between London and Berlin. Using performance, music, writing, video and research into therapy practices, his work explores the emotional conditions of contemporary life. This year, he presented performances at Cabaret Voltaire (Zürich, CH), TROPEZ (Berlin, DE), Royal Academy Schools (London, GB) and created musical scores for Nika Neelova and Malik Nashad Sharpe, among others.

Anna Souter is an independent writer, researcher and curator, interested in the intersections between contemporary art and ecology. Anna’s writing spans fiction and non-fiction, drawing on tropes from academia, memoir, poetry and science writing. Her practice combines investigations into personal/bodily experience with explorations of cross-species consciousness to produce texts which are open-ended, networked and multi-directional. This is an attempt to develop alternative narratives and modes of working, moving away from the anthropocentric, androcentric and teleological frameworks embedded in contemporary political, social and philosophical systems. She also works on exhibitions about art and ecology.

Kandace Siobhan Walker is a writer and filmmaker. She writes fiction and poetry. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Protoype and The Good Journal. She has collaborated on short film projects with IdeasTap, DAZED and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Her short film Last Days of the Girl’s Kingdom was selected to air on Channel 4’s Random Acts. She was born in Canada and lives in Wales.

Past Peer Forum groups at Camden Arts Centre

The 2018 Peer Forum at Camden Arts Centre was awarded to Kobby Adi, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Amrita Dhallu, Priya Jay, Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Georgia Lucas-Going, Hamed Maiye, Seema Mattu, Joy Miessi, Zarina Muhammad, Zeinab Saleh,  Ebun Sodipo. Brought together by curator Amrita Dhallu, the group is concerned with the potential and limitations of possessing a colonised body caught in the system that oppresses it.

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The 2017 Peer Forum was awarded to lead artist Alicia Tsigarides working with Leah Carless , Katharine Fry, Rebecca Jagoe , Olivia Brazier , Annie Attridge , Lindsey Mendick , Alicia Reyes McNamara , Holly Hendry , Mindy Lee and Tenant of Culture . You can read more about the group’s activities on the Camden Arts Centre blog.

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The 2016 Peer Forum group included Josie Cockram (lead artist), Anita Delaney (lead artist), Victoria Adam, Gabriel Stones, Isabel Mallet, Richard Lockett, Lauren Godfrey, Amanda Loomes, Jamie Bracken Lobb, Mat Jenner and Paul Gwilliam

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