Peer Forum at Camden Arts Centre

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Information about past and current Peer Forum groups at Camden Arts Centre, one of Artquest’s programme partners. Applications for the 2019 Camden Arts Centre Peer Forum are currently open.

The 2018 Peer Forum at Camden Arts Centre was awarded to Kobby Adi, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Amrita Dhallu, Priya Jay, Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Georgia Lucas-Going, Hamed Maiye, Seema Mattu, Joy Miessi, Zarina Muhammad, Zeinab Saleh,  Ebun Sodipo

Brought together by curator Amrita Dhallu, the group is concerned with the potential and limitations of possessing a colonised body caught in the system that oppresses it.

Through a range of disciplines, each artist explores embodied experiences of shifting between the physical and spiritual, mobility and entrapment, erasure and hyper visibility. Their works also address how history is constituted and transported within the diasporic body, particularly at moments of migration. Together they will consider how well-being and creative labour relate to one another through developing a discourse around self-care and healing within their own working practices.

The 2017 Peer Forum was awarded to lead artist Alicia Tsigarides working with Leah Carless , Katharine Fry, Rebecca Jagoe , Olivia Brazier , Annie Attridge , Lindsey Mendick , Alicia Reyes McNamara , Holly Hendry , Mindy Lee and Tenant of Culture . You can read more about the group’s activities on the Camden Arts Centre blog.

The 2016 Peer Forum group included Josie Cockram (lead artist), Anita Delaney (lead artist), Victoria Adam, Gabriel Stones, Isabel Mallet, Richard Lockett, Lauren Godfrey, Amanda Loomes, Jamie Bracken Lobb, Mat Jenner and Paul Gwilliam


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