Projects in 2008: overview

Past Project 2008

Artquest projects which took place in 2008

  • 3rd Annual Artquest Jumble Sale – 28 June 2008
  • Total Madrid – August-September 2008
  • New Life Berlin – June 2008
  • OZ – January-March 2008
  • Forum 2007/08 – October 2007-March 2008
  • Value Added: Roles, participation and economies in contemporary visual practice – 12 November 2008

3rd Annual Artquest Jumble Sale

Annual networking event and jumble Sale for artists

Total Madrid – August-September 2008

Total Madrid was a three-month studio residency project organised in collaboration with artist-led gallery space Liquidacion Total, Madrid.  allsopp&weir (Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir) received a bursary, travel costs and studio space in Liquidacion’s galery space in the heart of Madrid. The starting point for allsopp&weir’s work (mainly in video) is what a ‘political’ or ‘critical’ aesthetics could mean today in the context of global capitalism.

New Life Berlin – June 2008 is a Berlin-based, now in Copenhagen, artist-led organisation providing opportunities for networking and exhibition for visual artists.  Their aim is to foster new and relevant opportunities for emerging artists, collaborating with curators and art institutions around the world.  In June 2008 Wooloo organised NEW LIFE BERLIN, a contemporary art festival dedicated to new modes of moving and existing. Curated from their online art community, NEW LIFE BERLIN connected the critical resources of a global network of artists with a specific geographical location of importance to today’s cultural production. NEW LIFE BERLIN investigated the much-discussed ‘online community’, raising questions about its effectivenessand exploring how it is bound and governed.  In contrast to traditional art festivals and biennials NEW LIFE BERLIN did not represent a set of cultural conclusions, but created a model for a fluid cultural landscape.

OZ – January-April 2008

A 3 month reciprocal studio residency in Parramatta Artist Studios, Sydney, Australia. In 2008 the residency was awarded to British artist Jaye Ho  and Australian artist Maria Ionico. During her time in Australia artist Jaye Ho produced dispatches about her experiences which are accessible below.


A project which funded a series of peer mentoring groups for artists. This project was re-developed and relaunched in 2016 as PEER FORUM.

Value Added: Roles, participation and economies in contemporary visual practice

Artquest, in partnership with SPACE, presented a one-day conference for artists and commissioners exploring questions of value in relation to socially engaged artistic practice. The theme of ‘value’ was the focus for the conference: the value of this type of practice to commissioners, participants and artists, questions of how we frame and present this value, and how artists and commissioners together can express and capture value. Expressing the value of the arts in social and regeneration contexts is also a key ongoing concern of policy bodies and opinion-formers including Arts Council England and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and this event will contribute new perspectives to this discourse.