Projects in 2012: overview

Past Project 2012

Artquest was busy as usual in 2012, with a raft of new projects, residencies, talks, event, films, interviews and resources to support artistic practice.

Ongoing projects starting and/or running through 2012 included

  • Self Assembly / Channel Q: a series of practical talks about diverse artists careers
  • The Real World: philosophical and critical discussions for artists in their working lives
  • PRIMER: ebook aimed at new graduates about the first steps of practicing as an artist
  • AWP Internships programme: Paid internships at small arts organisations
  • Lifeboat: Studio residency for recent UAL graduates
  • Selling Out: Talks programme and award for artist run in partnership with London based production facilities to create a commercially viable edition

One off programme in 2012 included

  • Accounts: A series of audio interviews with artists originally broadcast on Resonance FM about artists attitudes to money
  • Make Art Pay: Filmed interviews with artists at different stages of their career on how they earn money from their practice
  • Enterprise Week: Two different approaches to selling work from Rosalind Davis and All Cats are Grey as part of 2012 Enterprise Week at UAL
  • Mixing It Up: An Intergenerational Perspective: A filmed series of conversations between artists of different generations discussing how the climate has changed for artists over the past decade and what survival strategies might be adapted.
  • IP for Curators: A talks series on IP issues for curators organising exhibitions with newly commissioned or existing work
  • Intern Culture: A report and literature review on Internships in the visual art sector
  • Own-it TV: A series of craft focused films, explored many of the legal issues that makers face when showing, selling or distributing their work
  • New Economy of Art: A series of open discussions throughout 2011-12 focussing on economic developments and opportunities in the cultural sector
  • Trade Secrets: 10 flims to mark Artquest’s 10th anniversary in which we asked artists for their survival tips and how Artquest impacted on their careers
  • Artquest 10th Anniversary party 
  • FuelRCA talk: Panel discussion at the Show Me the Money seminar organised by Fuel RCA for its current students and alumni
  • Money Talks: Research and articles on the subject or artists and money
  • Musuem for Skills: A one-day conference in May 2012 examining the role and value of skills in the crafts, and how we go about acquiring the skills we need
  • Arts-START : Talks series as part of graduate week that looked at the key areas graduating artists need to focus on the develop their careers.
  • BLA Jeweller in Residence: Research residency for a jewellery designer at The British Library
  • Artroute Columbia: Interview series with Columbian artist Juan Pablo Echeverri