Selling Out

Past Project 2011 2012

A series of talks and a bursary to encourage the practical and critical skills you need to make money out of your practice

About the programme

Artists and makers in London are under increasing financial pressure, but many remain unaware of the more ingenious ways in which they can support themselves through their art practice.

The Selling Out seminars equipped artists with the knowledge they need to sustain their practice.  It provided a practical project to test out ideas which can generate income through sales of editioned artworks.  It was aimed at artists and makers at any stage in their careers that already had the necessary practical skills to create their own work – in printmaking and photography – but were looking for ways to develop new editions.

Selling Out:

  • presented real-life examples by artists who make money from multiple artworks / editions
  • showed a variety of London workshop production organisations, and provide discounted studio access to use them
  • considered the practical, critical, financial and legal implications of this way of working

Introductory talks considered:

  • how money-making activity is related to, or separate from, your core ‘critical’ practice
  • how you can effectively balance your time between different strands in your practice
  • how you can identify and reach buyers
  • how much income you need to generate to make to make this new activity worthwhile

Selling Out talks were run in partnership with three London-based production houses with workshops in photography, textiles and printmaking.

Selling Out: Photography
Venue: Four Corners, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 OQN

Included presentation by Emily and Anna of Contact Editions and a tour of Four Corners photographic labs and discounted membership.

Selling Out: Printmaking
Venue: London Print Studio, 425 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE

Included a talk by Nobrow, an independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts, on how they use a variety of strategies and practices to make a living and support their work.  With tour of London Print Studio workshops, and discounted membership.

Selling Out: Photography
Venue: Four Corners, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 OQN 

Included presentation by artist Elisabeth Molin.  Included a tour of Four Corners workshops and photogtraphic labs and dicounted membership.

Selling Out: Printmaking and Textiles
Venue: London Printworks Trust, Unit 7 Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace, London, SW9 8DJ 

With a talk by printmaker Linda Florence, who uses traditional silk screen, laser etching and flocking to make a variety of wallpapers, textiles and limited edition works.  With a tour of London Printworks Trust workshops and discounted membership.

You don’t need to take out a membership if you just want to attend the talk, but the more you get involved the greater the possible benefits.  You can decide to become a member of any of these workshops at our special discounted rate on the night or within one week of the talk.


Paul Greenleaf was selected to receive the £1,000 Selling Out bursary. 

Paul worked on a new edition throughout 2012 and produced 2 limited edition booklets: R.275 Modern House and Optimism Revisited. Both editions can be purchased from his online shop.

Paul Greenleaf is a photographic artist whose partice is concerned with creating images utilising both traditional analogue and digital photographic processes. His work examines the relationship between people and places with particular emphasis on manipulated landscapes, man-made structures, traces made by people and how these vestiges exert continued influence on the landscape.

Paul will be producing a limited edition book containing a single inkjet print. He will be using the facilities at London Print Studio. Follow Paul’s progress on making his edition on his new blog.