The Source

Current project 2015

These pages bring together a collection of open source resources for art school tutors to teach professional development to undergraduate students. Resources here have been made and tested by artist-tutor Edwina fitzPatrick and students at Wimbledon College of Art and Andrew Marsh with students from BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Image: Eric Allix Rogers, artist studio, East Garfield Park, licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license

The Source and ReSource (A curating tool kit) were projects that reconsidered what professional skills new graduates, students and early-career artists need to sustain and develop their practice, and provides the resources to teach them. Drawing from material on this website, including audio recordings and video, the materials on these pages aim to make teaching professional development easier for artist-tutors.

Tutors are welcome to use the presentations here either as a basis for their own lessons, or as off-the-shelf discussion topics to deliver learning. Although unaccredited, these resources seek to stimulate discussion about the needs and place of artists in society, helping foster a more professional framework.

Some of the material is in the form of Prezis – a free alternative to PowerPoint, used to present and discuss ideas, which can be downloaded or used online. We’ve found them flexible, accessible and easy to use.

Each presentation identifies a key aspect of sustaining a career as an artist, focussing on ‘mission related’ practice; sustainable practice, using writing to define and extend practice, mentoring and support networks and the place of the expanded studio. They also include audio from workshops with MFA Fine Art students at Wimbledon School of Art in tandem with material from previous themed Artquest events and resources.

Feel free to use and reuse for non-commercial purposes, with attribution to Artquest:

The Source includes:

  • What is a sustainable artist? – addressing the bigger question of what sustainability means for artists: ethical or environmental considerations, or more practical issues of how artists sustain themselves and their practice.
  • Using writing to help define and further your art practice – focussing on the artists statement and other writing undertaken by artists, particularly through the relationship between the writing and the practice it represents. Includes practical approaches to this writing and tips about using text on a website.
  • Mentoring and support networks – how you need support systems from peers at all stages of your path as an artist, and how by supporting fellow practitioners your practice will also develop. It uses the metaphor of the public library as a repository of information to discuss how you yourself are a resource.
  • What is a studio? – explores the contexts that we work in as 21st century artists – given that studios are often expensive, what might the alternatives be? If you really need to have a studio, what are your options?

ReSource (a curating tool kit) includes session plans and links to resources on:

  • Planning and practicalities of exhibition making
  • Funding and sponsorship for your exhibition
  • Publicity and marketing
  • Outreach and engaging with wider audiences
  • Hanging and installing an exhibition