Venice Agendas: Soundings

Past Project 2011

Soundings – 1-3 June 2011

Venue: La Chiesa Anglicana di Venezia, Campo S. Vio, Venice, Italy

Soundings was a three-day exhibition and series of events that took place during the opening week of the 2011 Venice Biennale, bringing together open critical discussions, artworks and readings.

Venice Agendas: discussions, each day, 9.30-11.30am

Following on from the successful Agendas series of past Biennales, Venice Agendas aimed to continue the crucial discussions facing contemporary art and critical practice as part of an international debate, and question the Biennale’s power as cultural commodity.  National boundaries are being redrawn, cultural identities are being questioned and centres of global economies are shifting; these dialogues will focus on culture as a global currency used as an expression of power through national identity.

1. Wednesday 1 June: The Artist as Critic

With artist/writers Nathaniel Mellors, Richard Grayson, Martin Holman and Rachel Withers, with interventions from Jon Thompson and Lutz Becker

2. Thursday 2 June: National Assets: peripatetic global cultures

With Iona Whittaker (Beijing-based art writer), Jean Wainwright (Audio Arts, University of the Creative Arts), Gayle Chong Kwan (artist, New Forest Pavilion) and Alan Haydon (De La Warr Pavilion)

3. Friday 3 June: Hidden Agendas: Global Art Education and the Biennale Aesthetic

With Chloe Briggs (artist, Parsons Paris School of Art + Design), Ingrid Koenig (Emily Carr University) and Mark Gaynor (Principal Lecturer at Southampton Solent University andELIA European League of Institutes of the Arts)

Also included an exhibition by William Furlong: Passage of Time and Terry Smith:Naming the dead, and readings by Maria Morganti.  Partners: workinprogress, Audio Arts, de la warr pavilion, Q-Art London, AICA UK. Exhibition supported by: St George’s Church, Sonica Studios, Nuova Icona.