Eligibility and frequently asked questions – WFH Residency

On this page you will find eligibility details and FAQs relating to the WFH Residency. Please note this opportunity is now closed.


To be eligible to apply for the award you must:

  • Be a London-based visual artist at any stage in your career
  • Have had work or projects cancelled, and/or are unemployed as a result of the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic
  • Not be enrolled in full-time education, at any level, at the time of application or over the project period


What do we mean by ‘visual artist working in any medium’?

Artists working in painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, photography, video/film/moving image, installation, text, craft/maker, sound art, comics, book art, new media/online, socially engaged practice, printmaking, interdisciplinary or any combination of the above. Our definitions, set by our funding agreements, do not include dance, theatre, graphic, fashion and product design.

What do we mean by ‘London based’ and why does this matter?

We appreciate that working as an artist means you may live in one place and work in others. You do not have to be living and working in London full-time to count as London based. To qualify you should:

  • have a correspondence address with a London postcode (this could be your home address, a studio address or other work address even if you are currently unable to travel in to London due to safety advice)

We appreciate that artists all over the country are impacted by the current crisis, the London focus is a stipulation laid out to us by our funders to avoid duplication.

What kind of proposals are you looking for?

We want to support projects to help with the challenges people face as a result of the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic: projects that foster connection between individuals, improve wellbeing, financially supporting artists (including you, the applicant). It is vital that projects can be realised while following safety guidelines on social distancing and do not enable any viral transmission.

What can I spend the money on?

You can spend the money on anything necessary to realise your proposed project. You must pay yourself and anyone else you work with.

When will decisions be made?

Selection for this opportunity is a rolling process. Applications will be reviewed regularly over the months that the applications are open and an artist will be selected for the award at the end of every month.

The cut off points for application each month and the date selected artists should expect to hear by are below.

  • 8 April 10am (artist selected by 15 April)
  • 6 May 10am (artist selected by 13 May)
  • 3 June 10am (artist selected by 10 June)
  • 1 July 10am (artist selected by 8 July)

Please note these may be extended or reduced depending on current guidance around social distancing and any increase in paid work elsewhere.

Selected artists will be announced on the WFH residency project page once their eligibility has been confirmed, usually the week following the selection date.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted via email as soon as possible after the artist selection dates above.

If I am not selected for one round, will my application be automatically submitted to the next selection round?

No. If you wish to reapply you need to submit an application again. It is not advised for you to resubmit the same application.

Who will see my application?

Applications are selected by Artquest and 2 further guest panelists invited from Artquest’s networks of curators and art world professionals. Different guest panelists are invited to select for each round of the residency. Panelists will be announced at the same time as the selected artist.

If I get the award how soon will I get the money?

Payment should reach successful applicants 30 days after all necessary information and an invoice has been received. You can download our invoice guide for more information. Payments are made by UAL and we must follow their financial procedures when paying candidates.

Can I apply as a collaboration or a collective?


I’m not part of an establised collective/collaboration but I’d like to make a collaborative application for this project only. Is that ok and how should I fill in the form?

Yes. If this is the case the application should be made by one lead artist. Provide any necessary weblinks and details to other collaborators in an appropriate free text box on the application form.

I am applying for support with an existing/ongoing project that will likely still be running beyond 4 weeks. Is this ok?

If your project has already started before making your application we would need to see clearly what difference / impact getting the WFH would make for your project. If your project is an ongoing one which will likely still be happening after 4 weeks we would need to see that the funding would have an impact/outcome on your project within 4 weeks of receiving the funding.

I still have questions

If you still have queries please email Nick Kaplony.