WFH Residency – Awardee 1


The first WFH residency was awarded to Daniella Valz Gen for her project Warping Symbols Finding Meanings.

Tarot spread

Warping Symbols Finding Meanings was a series of 5 weekly online gatherings to collectively reinterpret, divine, rewrite and prescribe alternative actions to cope with uncertain times. It will look at ways of reading symbols, images and gestures, and explore writing and performative acts in response to them. 

Warping Symbols Finding Meanings engaged in alternative actions as remedies for our current crisis while motivating each other to find the folds in reality where agency and creativity dwell, through subverting imposed narratives and finding new viewpoints and forms of reading and writing. Each meeting started with a writing prompt based on the use of Tarot or playing cards, followed by sharing and discussion, and ending with a card reading as a prompt for a weekly collective performative act.  Images of the meetings and some of the work produced as a result of them can be seen below.

Artists participating included Isobel Atacus, Beth Bramich, Rabindranath Bose, Amanda Camenisch, Sophie Chapman, Angie Farfan, Annabelle Fenn,  Bettina Fung, Andrea Garcia, Roberta Gotti, Frauke Huhn, June Lam,  Alicia Reyes McNamara, Natalie Marr, Aurelie Meriel, Juliana Moreno, Katharine Platts, Amy Pennington, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Tal Regev, Carlos Mauricio Rojas, Oren Shoesmith, Holly Slingsby, Eva Terzoni, Daniella Valz Gen, Samantha S Whetton, Zoe Williams, Jessica Worden,

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The Blue Moth comes to visit by Carlos Mauricio Rojas (PDF)

Daniella Valz Gen is an artist and a poet born in Lima and living in London, with an ongoing practice of tarot and ritual. Recent projects include (Be)longing, a series of ritualised landscape interventions. Valz Gen is the author of the poetry collection Subversive Economies (PSS, 2018), has published in various journals, and teaches creative writing workshops.

Selection Panel

The first round of the WFH Residency was selected by Artquest and guest panelists Helen Nisbet and Louise Shelley

Helen Nisbet is a curator from Shetland, now based in London. She is Artistic Director for Art Night and curates projects across the UK and internationally. Helen sits on the Acquisitions Committee for the Arts Council Collection and the Advisory Board for Artquest and a-n.

Louise Shelley is a London based Curator whose practice has recently included Structures That Cooperate at Cubitt, a 15-month programme departing from Cubitt’s position as an artist run cooperative. Previous to Cubitt she was the Collaborative Projects Curator at The Showroom, London, where she ran the Communal Knowledge programme – a series of collaborative projects activating approaches to critical engagement with The Showroom’s neighbourhood. Pedagogical practice is a key part of Louise’s curatorial work, including Artistic Advisor for Syllabus V and Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins. Louise is a member of the Cinenova Working Group, a non-profit, volunteer-run feminist film distributor and is on the board of The Voice of Domestic Workers and City Projects