WFH Residency – Awardee 3

Current project 2020

The third WFH residency was awarded to Leonie Rousham and Ishwari Bhalerao for their project Kneed

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Kneed is a resource made by artists Leonie Rousham and Ishwari Bhalerao for artists and cultural workers who are trying to work collectively, sustainably and with accountability. They call this ‘Collective Sustenance’. Kneed explores and questions forms of ‘kneading’; as process, labour, physicality and time and ‘needing’; as nourishment, sustenance or an expression of obligation, in order to try and imagine an alternative. Nancy Fraser reminds us that ‘Capitalist economic production is not self-sustaining, but relies on social reproduction [care]. However, its drive to unlimited accumulation threatens to destabilize the very reproductive processes and capacities that capital and the rest of us – need’. On temporary billboards, dissolvable tablecloths, picket-lines and protest banners. Kneed focuses on an alternative trajectory of making that supplements with Rousham and Bhalero with what they need. Creating a space which prioritises care, conversations, friendship and process, as forms of resistance.

During this residency, Rousham and Bhalerao will record a series of conversations with three different artist/cultural workers’ collectives, talking about their approach to ‘sustainable collaborative practices’, covering how they manage resources like time, spaces and systems of care, to make their practice and life as an artist less exhaustive. These interviews will reflect upon ways in which culture is being sustained, what it is that is being exhausted, and how collaboration can provide a form of resistance to this.

Interview 1 with Shovel Dance Collective

Shovel Dance Collective: A band that consists of nine individuals committed to playing traditional songs, mostly from England, and tunes, mostly from England, Wales and Scotland. They are committed to playing traditional music that speaks of working class solidarity and also attempts platform protofeminist music from past centuries, queering histories and making heard the voices of the working people that created and create the wealth of the world.  Members, Mataio Austin Dean and Daniel S.Evans will discuss the role of collectives in building solidarity and the resistive nature of the spaces they make through these collaborations. Thinking about how collaboration can counteract the otherwise exhaustive nature of art and music industries that rely on individualism and free labour.

Interview 2 with Performingborders

Performingborders: Is a curatorial research-platform that explores the relations between Live Art and notions and lived experiences of cultural, juridical, racial, gendered, class, physical, economic, and everyday borders. This platform has been founded by Alessandra Cianetti and Xavier de Sousa. Alessandra is a London-based art curator, creative producer and researcher,  Xavier is an independent performance maker, curator and producer based between Brighton and Lisbon. This interview will consider the role of such platforms in counteracting the exhaustive nature of the artworld and the borders that we come up against within it.

Interview 3 with T A P E Collective

T A P E Collective was founded in 2015 as a response to the lack of representation on screen and works to platform and highlight the sheer variety of under-served films out there, championing the forgotten could-be cult films of the festival circuit and programmes of women of colour both behind and in front of the camera. T A P E was founded by Angie Moneke and Isra Al Kassi and joined by Nellie Alston in 2017.

Selection Panel

The third round of the WFH Residency was selected by Artquest and guest panelists Alex Julyan and Holly Willats.

Alex Julyan works to create conversations, between materials, places and spaces. Much of her work is formed through creative exchanges with architects, scientists, musicians and dancers. A disrupter by nature, she choses to work outside of the mainstream, creating interventions, opportunities and collaborations in daily life. At the core of this work is the simple desire to encourage curiosity, dialogue and wonder around all aspects of our daily lives.

Holly Willats is an independent curator & writer, and the Director of the arts organisation, Art Licks. Art Licks supports the work of early career artists across the UK and champions artist-led activity and self-organised initiatives (through events like Artlicks Weekend) .