WFH Residency – Awardee 4

Current project 2020

The fourth and final WFH residency was awarded to Whiskey Chow for her project A Sky Full of Stars

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Whiskey Chow is a London-based performance artist and Chinese drag king. Whiskey’s art practice engages with broadly defined political issues, covering a range of related topics: from female and queer masculinity, problematizing the nation-state across geographic boundaries, to stereotypical projections of Chinese/Asian identity. Her performance is interdisciplinary, combining embodied performance with moving image and experimental sound pieces.

A Sky Full of Stars
Date: Saturday 26 September 11am – 4pm (BST)
Booking: Register your interest to participate here.

A Sky full of Stars workshop poster

A Sky Full of Stars is an online body-positive workshop aiming to reset a sense of acceptance, self-appreciation, healing and love. This digital workshop aims to create a safe space for all types of bodies and genders to collectively build up a self-adoring narrative via presentation and representation of one’s body. Chow will invite UK-based migrant cultural workers to participate and explore the relationship between one’s body and oneself; embracing vulnerability and intimacy. It is a group experiment to self-curate a bodyscape that stands for unapologetic queer path to alternative beauty.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, migrant’s voices and rights are often overlooked by the governmental support system. As one of the precarious migrant cultural workers herself, Whiskey intends to create a vital space for these unseen bodies, providing a channel for them to deal with memories, trauma, cultural heritage, marginalized live experiences as well as collectively exploring the notion of a“home for soul”, given their bodies are not in their home countries. With this ethos and participants’ consent, a new video work will be created: a collective bodyscape of UK migrant cultural workers. Interrogating where ‘home’ is and where the soul can be safely placed as a precarious individual during an unprecedented crisis in a foreign country.

For this project, Chow will be working with Queer Art Projects, a London based, artist led production company specialising in the organisation of art events with a queer and/or migrant content. Founded by the artist, curator and producer duo Tuna Erdem and Seda Ergul recent projects include: House of Wisdom Nottingham, Staying Out and Turkish Delight, a queer festival consisting of screenings, workshops and an art party with live performances and an exhibition, scheduled for September 2020.

The first iteration of this workshop was part of the Returning to Home series of workshops curated by Annie Jael Kwan for performingbordersLIVE20.

Selection Panel

The fourth round of the WFH Residency was selected by Artquest and guest panelists Sophia Kosmaoglou and Jane Wildgoose.

Sophia Kosmaoglou is an artist, tutor, curator and researcher. Her work addresses the construction of identity through relationships and more recently her research and practice is oriented toward group dynamics, collectivity, cooperation and self-organisation – blurring the boundaries between art, education and activism to question the ontology of art, its social functions and institutional contexts and to experiment with collective economies and learning environments. In 2015 she founded ART&CRITIQUE, an alternative art education network, superseded in 2019 by the Radical Pedagogy Research Group, a peer-led participatory action-research project. Her current art practice prepares the ground for a self-organised and sustainable alternative to mainstream art education.

Jane Wildgoose is an artist and researcher who investigates the history of collecting while reflecting on the emotional charge that may linger in objects in collections. She is interested in the role that artists can take in addressing the legacies of colonial-era collecting in museums, and is Keeper of her own collection, The Wildgoose Memorial Library, which is dedicated to memory and remembrance.