Eligibility and frequently asked questions: Z-Crits



To participate in Z-Crits you must:

  • Be a visual artist, working in any medium, at any stage in your career
  • NOT currently be enrolled in any course of study
  • Have access to a laptop with audio and video capacity, and a connection to the internet
  • Be willing to share work (and to critique other participants’ work)

What do you mean by visual artist working in any medium?

Artists working in painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, photography, video/film/moving image, installation, text, craft/maker, sound art, comics, book art, new media/online, socially engaged practice, printmaking, interdisciplinary or any combination of the above. Please note that due to the fast-paced nature of Z-crits, some media may be more limited by the format. Our definitions, set by our funding agreements, do not include dance, theatre, graphic, fashion and product design.

When will the crits take place?

The first Z-Crit will take place on the most popular time slot indicated by applicants. Future Z-Crits will be announced on the project page, or you can subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date. All advertised times are at British Summer Time (GMT+1).

What if none of those time slots are usually convenient to me because of other regular commitments?

Z-Crits is a new project, so we will try different things to see what works best for most registrants. If none of the time slots offered for this session work for you because of regular commitments, email us. If there is enough demand for Z-Crits to take place at different time we will try and accommodate in future sessions.

How will I know if I’ve been selected to participate?

You will receive an email confirming your participation one week before the session is due to take place. In this email you will be assigned to a breakout group and provided information on how to join the Zoom meeting. You may find it easier to open a free Zoom account in advance of the Z-Crit taking place, as you will have to confirm your email address.

Why is there a selection procedure and on what basis are artists selected to participate?

Crit sessions become unwieldy with too many participants so it’s necessary to limit the numbers of artists in each session. Places will be allocated first come, first served on the basis of the most popular time slot. Half the places will be for London based artists because of the regional focus of Artquest, due to our funding from Arts Council England’s London office. Other spaces will be allocated elsewhere in the UK and from around the world.

Who else will be participating in the crit?

Crits will be attended by artists at different stages of their career, working in different media. Smaller breakout groups will be made by matching artists with similar concerns, areas of interest in their practice, and media. You will be asked to indicate areas of interest / media when you apply.

Can I decide which breakout group I want to participate in?

Because we are trying to include as many artists as possible with everyone getting feedback, in a relatively short timeframe, Artquest will allocate participants to breakout groups in advance. It will not be possible to change these allocations. If there’s an artist not in your breakout group that you’d like to talk more, you can exchange contact details and follow up after. Depending on feedback from participants, we will evaluate and trial new forms of meeting.

I want to take part but I don’t want to present work. Is that OK?

No. In its current form, everyone who attends will be asked to present something and to give feedback to others. We may run future sessions where people can attend without presenting something.

Can I participate in more than one Z-Crit?

Not at present, no. Z-Crits are intended as one off experiences that set you up to run your own ongoing online crits with artists that you meet there and/or from your own networks.

Where else can I meet artists?

You can meet artists through Exchange, Artquest’s online community, or via other social networks. See our online social networking guides for more.

What can / should I present?

You can present an image of a completed work, or a work in progress. Try to choose something that acts as a good introduction to you and your practice that would be useful for you to get feedback on.

What format will work be shown in?

Ideally you should share work as a single digital image. You will need to provide this in advance so we can share this with the other attendees. If you are showing durational work (moving image, performance or audio, for example) then please provide a digital still with a link to some accompanying footage online.

Please bear in mind that, because of the quick-fire nature of the session, sharing long durational works will not be practical. If you attend a session you will be able to connect with other artists, share contact details, and follow-up with other crits in your own time.

What do I need to participate?

To participate you will need a Zoom account and a computer with access to the internet and video calling. There is more guidance on how to use Zoom here. Crits will be conducted in English.

What should I do if have registered on a Z-Crit but can no longer participate?

If you can no longer participate please email Nick Kaplony with as much notice as possible and we’ll offer the place to someone else.

I still have questions

If you still have questions that are not answered, please email Nick Kaplony.