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Interviews will take place on Zoom. They will last about 30 minutes and the panel will consist of Nick Kaplony, on behalf of Artquest and Amy Foulds, Collection Library Manager at the Museum of the Home. The external selection panel attending are artist Gayle Chong Kwan, curator Renée Mussai and artist Mahmoud Mhady of BLKBRD collective. You can read their biographies on the Unlocking the Collections project page.

This will be an opportunity for you to elaborate on your ideas, to get a better understanding of what the award might involve and for you to ask us any questions you might have about the award. We are particularly encouraging interviewed artists to give further consideration to which specific parts of the collection they might initially be interested in engaging with as part of their research and why.

If you’ve not participated in an online interview like this before, some tips / things to bear in mind that might be helpful are below

  1. Familiarise yourself with Zoom, which you will need to download onto your computer. It’s a good idea to do a test run to ensure your camera and microphone connect properly.
  2. You might like to do an internet speed test before the interview using a tool such as net or Netflix’s Fast speed checker. You will need between 150 Kbps and 1.1 Mbps for a smooth Zoom video call, with lower requirements for voice-only.
  3. If possible, ask other members of your household not to use the internet while you’re participating in the interview
  4. Ensure there are no large downloads taking place that might reduce your internet bandwidth.
  5. Ensure that the name you sign in with on zoom is same as the name and email that you registered for the Interview
  6. Please be online approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled interview time. When you join the meeting you will be held in a virtual meeting room until it’s time for your interview.
  7. During the interview if the quality of the call is bad, you may find turning off the camera improves the quality of the call. For whatever reason If you prefer to conduct with interview with your camera off that’s completely fine.
  8. We appreciate that technical glitches and domestic interruptions are sometimes unavoidable and part and parcel of the working at home. Please don’t be concerned if they happen!

if you have any further questions about the process please email Nick Kaplony