With For About 2020: a slow conference for a fast evolving crisis

Heart of Glass’ 5th With For About conference responds to the additional challenges that Covid-19 creates for many marginalised people and communities, asking: what creative solutions have marginalised people developed to survive before Covid-19?; what creative ways of being and organising are being made now in response to Covid-19?; how do we embed and share these solutions, ways of being and organising now and into the future? Curated and hosted by artist and mental activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’ and curator and agitator Cecilia Wee. Every Wednesday between 20 May to 17 June 2020 – at 2.30pm GMT+1.


Featured project

WFH Residency

The WFH Residency is a £1000 award to support artists during the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Artists are starting to report a collapse in work and higher level… Continue Reading WFH Residency

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