Exchange is an online community, built on your real and online social networks, to help you find collaborators, extend your professional network and arrange temporary studios and apartment swaps.


Artists never really get holidays: when artists travel, they often try to connect to other artists to find out what it’s like to live and work there, to build networks and spend some time with the locals. Friends of your friends are an important way to connect.

Artists have also told us that international residencies are very challenging to get, but the experience of travel and building networks is incredibly rewarding – although near-impossible for artists with families or caring responsibilities.

At Artquest, we don’t have members – we’re part of a community of artists, organisations, artist-led activity and other partners, around London, the UK and the world. We wanted to find a way to connect our community to each other, add to the social networks you have told us that you use, and help people find opportunities to travel internationally.

Exchange launched in November 2016 and allows you to:

  • use Facebook or Twitter to sign up and log in – no extra passwords to remember, and you can remove your profile at any time
  • personalise your experience of Artquest – bookmark the opportunities and information you select
  • find artists in places you’re going to travel to and connect in advance
  • find artists who live or work near you to make new connections in real life
  • find artists who are looking to exchange studios or apartments, around the world, and book exchanges securely
  • keep in touch with other members securely online until you’re happy to share contact details
  • build communities and groups with your new friends online – getting together offline to meet in person when you want
  • ask for advice or find collaborators from amongst your peers
  • apply for special Exchange-only events and opportunities

The Exchange network is open to anyone to join. All current members of Artelier have been automatically enrolled in Exchange, and can leave any time they like.

Need more information? Visit our frequently asked questions.

Ready to join? Visit the log in page to get started.

Exchange builds on, learns from, and extends our Artelier studio exchange programme.