How do artists around the world carve out a career? What’s the best way to get an exhibition in Bogota or Brighton, and how does funding work in Canada or Carlisle?

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California: an interview with Bunnie Reiss

A recent addition to the Los Angeles art community after a move down state from her old stomping ground of Oakland, Bunnie Reiss has set up studio and home in the district of Echo Park. We meet to talk about her recent transition and how she’s findin …

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California: an interview with Kelly-Lynn Jones

  Photo by Claire Dickinson Photo by Claire Dickinson Photo by Claire Dickinson Photo by Claire Dickinson Kelly-Lynn Jones has been making a name for herself in San Francisco as the founder of internationally renowned creative platform and store …

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Colombia: an interview with Juan Pablo Echeverri

Artist Juan Pablo Echeverri talks to Artquest about the art scene in Colombia and his own international practice. http://soundcloud. …

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Argentina: a tour around MALBA, the Museum of Latinamerican Art in Buenos Aires

  Malba, Buenos Aires London-based artist Laura Malacart interviews artist/art historian Matilde Llambi Campbell at the Educational Department at Malba. Interviewed in 2012. Laura Malacart: Malba is an astounding museum dedicated to contemporary …

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Armenia: overview of the visual arts

The new reality proved difficult for many artists who had been until then supported by the Soviet state with free studio spaces, generous bursaries and subsidised art materials in return for political obedience (with many artists schizophrenically di …

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Borneo: Tong Tana – walking with the Penan by Layla Curtis

In May 2010 artist Layla Curtis travelled to the rainforests of Borneo. Filming a Penan hunter’s solo journey through dense jungle near BaJawi, one of Borneo’s last remaining pristine rainforest wildernesses for a project, she also wrote about her ex …

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