Written by arts legal specialist Henry Lydiate for Art Monthly since October 1976, Artlaw also contains dozens of frequently asked questions on all aspects of art and the law, and short films on our ArtlawTV channel, available free for personal use.

Visual artists anywhere in England can submit a simple legal query, which we pass on to a team of legal specialists for an initial reply.

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40 Years On

From the inaugural issue of Art Monthly in October 1976 to date, this column has been published regularly. Its original raison d’être was driven by th …

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Continuing Silence

Many aspects of the art business world attract criticism or attack for being slippery and opaque, none more so than in the realm of sales transactions …

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Dealing Differently

In 1976 this column looked at the case of a London-based artist who sent work to a New York gallery for exhibition and sale in the US: the works were …

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Do I have to pay tax on the award or grant I have been given?

There continues to be no up-to-date and definitive answer or ruling to the question of whether prizes and awards will be deemed taxable by the HMRC. I …

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Fair Use

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation recently announced a new Fair Use policy to make images of the artist’s work more accessible to museums, scholars, …

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If two or more artists collaborate on a work of art, which one of them will own the copyright?

Who will own the copyright of the finished work? In the absence of a written contract between the artists, specifying who will be the author(s) of the …

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Licensing can be a useful way to earn extra income by permitting other uses of your work in exchange for money What is licensing? When you license you …

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The Code of Art

The idea of art industry self-regulation is accepted by an increasingly wide range of art market professionals and their expert advisers, but there is …

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What should I know about copyright as a freelance artist/educator who facilitates workshops?

As a freelance artist/educator who develops and facilitates workshops and projects for institutions, what should I know about copyright and how can I …

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