Developing a practice and a career is a highly individual and nuanced juggling act. Artists usually need to do things beyond their arts practice: practical, critical and sometimes even philosophical questions and challenges can abound.

Our ‘How to’ section addresses this with a rich range of content: audio interviews, films and articles by artists, curators, gallerists and other art-world figures cover a truly comprehensive range of subjects relevant to an artists’ lives. From the day to day (money, housing, employment) to the exceptional (exhibiting, residencies) we like to think that it contains everything an artist needs to know.

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Featured articles


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Make the most of your degree show

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Pensions for self-employed people

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Rhian Solomon: on residencies

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When to apply for grants

Making grant applications takes a lot of time, and is highly competitive: avoid wasting your resources by considering whether to apply before putting… Continue Reading When to apply for grants