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30works30days: a 12ø collective project

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30works30days – Image credit, Eva Duerden

30works30days (30/30 ) is a month-long project by 12ø collective where participants are required to submit a new piece of work, every day for the month of April. In 2021 Artquest are supporting three online events for project participants. The project is open to everyone and any medium is encouraged. If you fail to submit something on one of the days, you are out of the project. In 2020 1,108 people of all ages participated from 42 countries around the world.

30/30 seeks encourage making and experimentation, testing what you think you know about your practice. With the restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut, and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise, are just as telling as the work that you produce. Be as lazy or ambitious, as devious or honest as you like. Remember it is your choice and ultimately your representation of the concerns within your practice.

You will be able to see works being submitted everyday throughout April on a live feed and by following #30works30days on instagram and twitter.

Deadline for registration is 23:59 on Sunday 28th March 2021 and there is a registration fee of £4.50 that goes towards covering the running of the project. If you are unable to pay the registration fee, or have any questions, please email 12ø collective with the subject line ‘3030 queries’.

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30works30days: a 12ø collective project

As part of our response to the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Artquest supported 12ø collective‘s 30works30days in 2020, a month long project for artists to submit a new piece of work every day during April 2020.

Artquest’s support made the project free to enter for artists anywhere in the world, and supported online crit groups and paid artists to make daily selections of work. The project was open to everyone and any medium was encouraged. In 2019 over 200 artists of all ages participated from over 20 countries around the world; in 2020, this rose to over 1,000 artists.