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30works30days: a 12ø collective project


30works30days: a 12ø collective project


As part of our response to the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Artquest is supporting 12ø collective’s 30works30days, a month long project for artists to submit a new piece of work every day during April.

Artquest is supporting 12ø to make the project free to enter for artists anywhere in the world. The deadline for registration is 23:59 on Saturday 28 March 2020. Register on Eventbrite using the email address you want to be contacted on throughout the project.

30works30days encourages making and experimentation, testing what you think you know about your practice. Within the restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise are just as telling as the work that you produce. Be as lazy or ambitious, as devious or honest as you like: it is your choice how you represent your practice.

The project is open to everyone and any medium is encouraged. In 2019 over 200 artists of all ages participated from over 20 countries around the world.

You will be able to see works being submitted everyday throughout April on the live feed and by following #30works30days on Instagram.

Before the project starts on Wednesday 1 April, you will be sent an email letting you know how to submit your work online. You will be asked to create a personal account on the 30works30days portal where you can submit your work by 23:59 BST (GMT+1) everyday.

Full information is at the 12ø collective website.

Artquest is supporting 12ø collective during 30works30days by funding weekly online crit groups and paying artists to curate daily selections of work on social networks. We want 30works30days to help combat isolation amongst artists during the lockdown, as well as help you maintain your creativity.