Artist led marketing network

Current project 2021

We sponsor artist-led organisations in England to market our projects

In 2020 Artquest stopped advertising on social networks. This action meant we had money in our marketing budget to spend somewhere else. We will now sponsor artist-led groups to send messages about us on their newsletters. We worked with Holly Willats of Art Licks to choose partners who match our ethical values. By doing this project we can:

  • tell more artists about our work
  • give money to artist-led groups
  • avoid using social networks
  • increase the diversity of our audience

Our partners in this project:

The Auxiliary Project Space is a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Middlesbrough. It has 2 galleries, 12 studios and a workshop & performance space. The Auxiliary helps produce experimental work and sound art. It works with the area’s industrial heritage and reimagines it as a creative site.

Two Queens is an artist-run gallery with studios in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. It is a centre for experimental arts production, exhibition and exchange. Two Queens helps build new arts activity in the city and across the region.

AiR has made over 400 public artworks in everyday spaces since 2007. They work with artists, architects, dancers, musicians, and writers. AiR has also worked with council and community organisations to make their projects.

Mothers Who Make is an international network for women and non-binary artist-parents. They help people sustain their creative identities while holding caring roles. Their programme includes peer support meetings, events and other innovative projects.

Turf Projects is an art gallery with artist studios. It is the first contemporary art space run by artists in Croydon. Turf put on free exhibitions of local and national artists. Turf also run free creative workshops that are open to anyone.

Chaos Magic is an artist-run gallery in Nottingham. They run a peer-to-peer learning network and mentoring programme. Members organise a public arts community programme of  events, exhibitions, and workshops. ‘Chaos magic’ is a belief system that aims to change reality through ritual practice. Members see this as a tool to make a fairer world using co-operation and inclusivity.

Obsidian Coast is for unhurried artistic and curatorial practice outside the city. It hosts exhibitions, residencies, events and a library project. It supports sustainable and feminist practices. Obsidian Coast values the principles of care and generosity.

Take a look at our partners and sign up to get news from any that interest you.

Partner logos: Two Queens, Turf, AiR, The Auxiliary, Mothers who Make, Chaos Magic and Obsidian Coast

Partner logos: Two Queens, Turf, AiR, The Auxiliary, Mothers who Make, Chaos Magic and Obsidian Coast

We want more ethical marketing by organisations that support artists. After a year we will test the project and ask other support organisations to join if it works. This aims to get more money to artist-led groups.

Artist-led groups support grassroots activity. They help artists to progress through a career in the arts. Although often thought to help at the start of an artists career, artists at any career stage need them.