WFH Residency


The WFH Residency was a £1000 award to support artists during the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic. The deadline for the final round of the residency closed at 10am on 1 July 2020.

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Artists are starting to report a collapse in work and higher levels of unemployment as the UK responds to the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic.  Reliant on the gig economy for income as technicians, visiting tutors, and in jobs outside of the arts, this residency provides financial support for artists and encourages digital, community-focussed activity while following current government guidelines around social distancing.

The WFH Residency (standing for ‘working from home’) payed artists who have had arts projects or other work cancelled, or have been made unemployed, as result of the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic lockdown. It particularly supported projects that took a co-operative or communal approach and connected people while social distancing.


Key Dates

There were 4 selection rounds for the award on

  • 8 April (artist selected by 15 April)
  • 6 May (artist selected by 13 May)
  • 3 June (artist selected by 10 June)
  • 1 July (artist selected by 8 July)

The Award

Selected artist will receive

  • An award of £1000
  • Support in promoting / disseminating any shareable content through Artquest and partner networks


To be eligible to apply for the award artists must:

  • Be a London-based visual artist at any stage in your career
  • Have had work or projects cancelled, and/or are unemployed as a result of the covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic
  • Not be enrolled in full-time education, at any level, at the time of application or over the project period