Workweek Prize

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The Workweek Prize supports critical, risk-taking projects taking part in Art Licks Weekend, open to independent artist-led spaces, and independent curatorial projects without a fixed venue. In 2017 we will award a total cash prize of £1,000 to be shared amongst the organiser and exhibiting artists.

Art Licks Weekend began in 2013, and supports and promotes artist-led and small-scale exhibitions and projects in east and south-east London. From its first year, Artquest has awarded the Workweek Prize to celebrate and encourage artist-led and independent curatorial projects in London, and their support of the local and international art scene.

Shortlist and applications

Applicants to the 2017 Art Licks Weekend who opted-in on the application form will be considered for shortlisting for the Workweek Prize. (Applications for the Art Licks weekend are now closed)

Shortlisted projects for the 2017 Workweek Prize will be listed here, and judging will take place on the weekend of Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 2017.


The winner of the Workweek Prize will be the shortlisted candidate who presents, in the judges’ opinion, an exhibition / project that:

  • Displays a high level of critical awareness of current artistic practices
  • Engages with a broad range of publics, outside of the traditional art world
  • Produces work that is risk-taking, innovative and timely, and displays the strong collaborative approach that helps artist-led activity succeed

Previous winners

Previous winners of the Workweek Prize are: