Most of the opportunities and listings on Artquest are selected by our staff: for quality, professional status, relevance to our audience and accessibility.

Most of the opportunities we list are selected by Artquest staff from a variety of artist magazines and email newsletters. We welcome submissions from individual groups or organisations looking to advertise to the 30,000 artists who visit our site each month. We do not charge for listings, leaving us free to select on the basis of quality alone.

Artquest actively lobbies for fair pay and conditions for artists and we reserve the right to list opportunities entirely on the basis of our own judgment. Artquest staff are artists, working here on a part-time basis. If you see an opportunity listing on our site that you think does not meet our standards, please contact us for further investigation.

We list opportunities for artists by the following criteria:

  • High-quality: opportunities with artist development at their core.
  • Equity and access: organisations who are actively working to reduce barriers for those facing any form of discrimination.
  • Flexibility: opportunities that understand artists live outside of their practice, and work sensitively around non-negotiable responsibilities such as childcare, pregnancy, or other significant caring responsibilities.
  • Accessibility: opportunities that demonstrate willingness to reduce barriers for disabled artists.
  • Fees: reasonable fees paid in line with Artists Union England, a-n, or international guidelines where the opportunity is outside of the UK. At minimum, fees must be in line with the national minimum wage. Where a two-part selection is to take place, shortlisted artists should be paid to work on a more detailed submission in the second round.
  • Feedback: organisations should aim to provide feedback on applications to all artists on request, even if this can only be brief.
  • IP and copyright: terms and conditions relating to intellectual property that are produced as a result of the artist’s work are reasonable and negotiable. Where income is likely to be generated, this will be shared with the artist.
  • Terms and conditions: other terms and conditions are negotiable and clearly mentioned in written agreements.
  • Contracts: a written record (which may be on email) of what has been negotiated and agreed will be shared between the artist and the organisation.
  • Budgets: reasonable materials and technical budget, plus transport and exhibition costs, are covered in a budget offered for the making or exhibition of any work as part of the opportunity, separate from the artist’s fee.
  • Submission fees: Artquest recognises both that submission fees are a barrier to many artists. Equally, we know that very small artist-led groups rely on such fees to undertake projects free from the restrictions imposed by public funds, and that larger organisations may, in the face of diminishing public funding, rely on these for specific Submissions to us that include fees will only be exceptionally listed. We will not list opportunities that include submission fees where they are used for: core staffing costs; to replace organisational funding; where these are unreasonably high; or where they are required for each item in an application.

Where the terms of your opportunity are not clear with regards to the criteria above, either from your submission here or on your own website, we will contact you for more information. It may take us up to five working days to get back to you, so please submit as early as you can.

For information on selecting an opportunity to apply for, read our article about selecting opportunities.

Opportunities that we list include:

  • Opportunities to exhibit work
  • Residencies
  • Commissions
  • Awards, prizes and competitions
  • Grants and fellowships
  • Calls for papers and conference participation
  • Professional development
  • Any other opportunity that genuinely seeks to help artists in their careers

Opportunities that we do not list:

  • Opportunities that are not open to artists in England. Opportunities may be across the UK or international, but must still be eligible for artists in England.
  • Listings for exhibitions – try Art Monthly or ArtsNews and ArtsJobs instead.
  • Jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities – try ArtsNews and ArtsJobs or the Artsadmin e-digest.
  • Residencies that are wholly artist-funded or that charge a fee for participation.
  • Opportunities where there is a cost for artists to participate beyond a modest submission fee – please see above for our policy.
  • Opportunities for non-professional artists (e.g. students, young people or amateur artists) or that are seeking non-artist participants for projects.
  • Calls for survey or research participation – although we can Tweet these where relevant.
  • Courses, talks and workshops – we can add you to our Art Directory as a course/workshop provider or studio, but we cannot list individual courses by date.

To recommend your opportunity to us, please complete the form below. If selected for listing, we will edit your submission for clarity and may be in touch if we need further information.