Charlotte Marra and Patrick Goddard: on navigating the art world

As part of University of the Arts London Enterprise Week Artquest presented DIY: Navigating the Artworld with Charlotte Marra and Patrick Goddard.

Run by UAL’s Careers and Employability service, Enterprise Week featured 40 free events including talks, practical workshops and guest speakers to help graduates fill in the gaps and get ahead in the creative industries.

Many final year students graduate with gaining little or no knowledge of the working art world in regard to navigating its complexities, finding gallery representation, selling works and gaining funding. Often the only way to understand what to do is through the experience of actually doing it and learning from this process.

DIY: Navigating the Artworld presents a discussion between Charlotte Marra and Patrick Goddard. Drawing on their combined wealth of experience, both positive and negative, they discuss the practicalities and realities of carving out a sustainable practise in the ar tworld while attempting to make a living from your practise through commercial sells and funding. The talk was specifically aimed at fine art students of all disciplines.

Charlotte Marra is Sales & Production Manager at Studio Voltaire, London.

Since graduating from Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters in Art History she has worked internationally in commercial galleries and publishing. Marra began working at Parkett publishing in New York before working with one of Chicargo’s most established contemporary galleries, Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Marra moved to London to become Director of Alison Jaques Gallery before being appointed Director of Seventeen Gallery and most recently Sales & Production Manager at Studio Voltaire.

Patrick Goddard is a practising artist and currently studying for a doctorate at Oxford University, in Fine Art practice.

Godard’s practise spans video, publications, graphic Novels, performance and drawing. Working with a DIY aesthetic his film works take the format of mockumentaries utilising black comedy and sarcasm. Goddard is represented by Seventeen Gallery, London.


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