Website: https://exhibbit.com/home/

Online gallery builder with monthly option of between 15 – 65 USD per month.

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Open Exhibits

Website: http://openexhibits.org/

Open Exhibits is a multitouch, multi-user tool kit that allows you to create custom interactive exhibits. The strength of this application is developing online and interactive exhibits with digital ob… Continue Reading Open Exhibits

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Website: http://www.collectionspace.org/

CollectionSpace is a free, open-source collections management application for museums, libraries, historical societies, and other organizations with special collections.

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Collective Access

Website: http://collectiveaccess.org/

Collective Access is a free, open source cataloging tool and web-based application for museums, archives and digital collections. Its main focus/strength is on cataloging and metadata.

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Website: http://omeka.org/

Omeka is a free, open source web publishing system for online digital archives. Its main focus/strength is producing websites and online exhibitions.

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Website: http://setspace.uk/

SET is a multifaceted arts and community initiative based in numerous centres across London. SET curates an eclectic and experimental arts programme alongside affordable artist workspace. SET projects… Continue Reading SET

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Website: http://www.doggerland.info/

Doggerland conducts collaborative research documenting the breadth of artist-led activity across the UK with the purpose of contributing toward a wider, more deeply concerned understanding and dialogu… Continue Reading Doggerland

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Website: http://www.shipment.org.uk/

Shipment is a moving, artist-led gallery that occupies a trail of liminal locations to present site-specific, creative projects. The gallery’s main goals are to create unreproducible audience experien… Continue Reading Shipment

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Turf Projects

Website: http://turf-projects.com/

Founded in 2013, Turf Projects is the first entirely artist-run contemporary art space in Croydon, South London. Turf Projects are a charity organisation working to support the development of artists,… Continue Reading Turf Projects

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The Bomb Factory Art Foundation

Website: http://bombfactory.org.uk/

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is an independent space for contemporary art, offering studio space, a gallery and a programme of free art events open to the public.

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